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At Nemo First Aid, our team are motivated by a desire to make businesses safer spaces by educating people in First Aid and lifesaving skills. Each of the courses available here are provided by talented professionals who are passionate about providing the highest standard of First Aid training possible.  

What We Do

  • We offer a variety of approved training courses including,                                                                                   First Aid At Work, Paediatric First Aid & National Pool LifeguardTraining/Assessing.                                                            

  • We help you to meet HSE requirements so you can have peace of mind that you and your workplace are in compliance with health and safety (first aid) regulations.                                                                                                                                 

  • We give you and your staff the confidence they need to care for colleagues and customers when the need arises.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • We understand that every business has different needs and availability, which is why we offer flexible delivery options on all our courses. We can even split up the delivery time of the course, including evenings and weekends. 


  • We save your company time and money with our in-house packages at your place of work. Including tailored  workshops inbuilt into the course to help fill the individual needs of your company. 

  •  All of our First Aid courses are First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) approved and delivered by our team of highly qualified training professionals.


  • You can also book on as an individual to one of our open public courses, at our approved training venues.  

Why choose us?

Not only are we accredited by FAIB but we offer 3rd party assessments at the end of our First Aid at Work courses. This is to ensure all training is kept to the highest standard possible. We understand that every individual learns differently and our trainers are committed to delivering our courses in a way that incorporate varied learning approaches, techniques and methods to suit all in a fun and safe environment.


Even our up-to-date equipment brings fun into the experience, with such things as choking vests, training AED's & QCPR manikins which offer real-time feedback on compressions & ventilations. Receive a post-training debrief with an overall score and tips for improvement. These manikins offer a 'gaming element' & are always a hit on courses we deliver!

Remember that each of our courses can be completely tailored to suit your business! We can change the timescale of delivery to suit your availability including evening and weekend courses and we can arrange suitable venues or send trainers to run courses in-house. 

"Nemo First Aid provided in-house training for my company based in Liverpool.

Training was delivered in a professional manner and at a comfortable pace for all of the group.

The use of interactive equipment was fantastic. We are a lot more comfortable as a company now that we can deal with first-aid incidents if they occur!


Thanks Nemo First Aid"

"Fantastic course, very well done .

Lucy is absolutely brilliant at what she does.

will definitely be using her again."

Jake B

David L

"Lucy is an engaging & knowledgeable trainer, the sessions were fun but very informative.

The training was also tailored to be specific to our work place, in regards to our lab chemicals"

"Lucy was very kind and encouraged us to ask her questions and explained things in a really clear manner."

Ana C

Jasmine L

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Providing Training for Greater Manchester and

The North West-United Kingdom

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